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Mpowered Sales K.K. specialises in helping CEOs to find ways to motivate and support their sales teams for optimum performance and increased retention

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Sales Team Motivation & Performance 

Retaining, motivating and increasing your sales team’s performance

Our Original methodology "MAPS" uses a combination of data analytics and interviews at all levels to analyse and understand the factors restraining the motivation and performance of your sales team, develop the solutions, and work with the teams to implement them.


Our methodology is designed to minimize change management issues.

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Skill Up Workshops

Sales teams face a variety of challenges, from dealing with the fundamental changes imposed upon them by technology to market needs moving at speeds never seen before. The ability to keep up with the expectations of both the market and their employer is a key success factor.

Based on the results of our surveys and interviews we have developped 3 programs, tailored to the 3 issues most frequently raised by the teams we have worked with. We use highly interactive workshops that lead  to faster adoption of the subject matter  

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If they are set up correctly, CRM Tools have the potential to increase your team's performance substantially. Many find themselves with a great tool they are unable to use because they have been unable to either set it up correctly, or have been unable to execute the change management necessary for the teams to feel they could use it.

QuickCompass is designed to review and restart implementations that have not lived up to expectations

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