We Support RIJ


We at Mpowered Sales are firm believers in being a part of society and ensuring the value we provide contributes to the quality of life of the people we work with.

To empower people is to give them the tools and support they need to achieve what they want to do in life. We find and take the view a majority of people are eager to provide value to the society they are a part of. Just like all of us, refugees are eager to contribute to the world they are in, all the more so because they understand what it is like to go from having a “normal” life, often quite successful, to suddenly having nothing, as a result of conflicts or disagreements they are not a part of or because of some massive natural disaster. 

Refugees International Japan  empowers refugees to get back on their feet by providing the support they need to build their business. It acts as a form of incubator by funding and providing advice and information to the refugee that will support him or her to accomplish their vision, usually one of being contributors to the new society they live in. 


RIJ funding has provided opportunities for small businesses to grow into major local employers, who not only provide a service the local community but frequently also directly enables other refugees to climb back up the ladder to independence and the ability to provide a service to society.


Mpowered Sales K.K. is proud to be given the opportunity to be a part of the network of companies and individuals who support RIJ activities