Sales Team Motivation & Performance Solutions

The link between motivationa and performance is a complicated one often

requiring in depth analysis to provide the necessary information to apply

the right solutions.

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Unleash Your Sales Force

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Mpowered sales created MAPS to help corporations rethink how they motivate and lead their sales teams to higher performance.

Our projects decrease team turnover, improve data discipline, and provide a framework to reduce resistance to change.


The project will:

  • Define the fundamental issues holding the sale’s team performance back from the perspective of motivation and define the action plan to overcome the issues defined. 

  • Accurately measure motivation against and set a standard for evaluation which can be used as a base line to assess the impact of actions taken to improve motivation.

  • Set up projects that deliver improvements in sales motivation and performance

 "MAPS©" uses data analysis to support the interview and survey findings

There is no doubt motivation and performance are linked. However how they are linked is not always as clear. How to motivate remains a hotly debated topic, indicating it is far from simple to achieve.

H.F.Harlow (University of Wisconsin) in 1949, and E. Deci (Carnegie Mellon University) in 1969, found that not only were financial “carrots” not effective at motivating, they could actually be counterproductive.

Parallel to that, the advent of technology in general and the web in particular have changed the fundamental role of a sales person from being a “pitcher”, ie throwing the ball at multiple clients in the hope of hitting a “home run client”, to being “the tip of the spear” where his/her effectiveness is very reliant on the perfect coordination of the teams (xxx) “thrusting the spear”.

The impact of these changes are far reaching especially on motivation. Mpowered Sales has developed a methodology and tools to assess and quantify motivation against performance in 9 key areas. It then proposes a plan to solve the issues. The plan usually contains 2~3 solutions each addressing a different issue considered to have a key role in the team’s motivation and performance.

We then support the execution of these solutions with a strategy of empowerment which relies heavily on the initial audit phase of MAPS.  

We believe the best way to motivate a sales team is by empowering them to create the processes and systems they need to be effective. While our initial assessment allows us to give them a voice, our change management methodology allows them to own the change and feel responsible for it in a way they will find motivating not only at the time of the change but also over the longer term.

Case Study

*Please note we recognize market factors may have had an impact on these figures too. These should thus be taken as indications of success rather than in the absolute.absolute


Import and distribution of consumer goods, with diverse client base

(GMS, retail chains, etc)

Issue according to leadership:       

  - Sales team motivation, sales efficiency.

  - Sales force overly focused on Account management to the detriment of new business development.

Issue according to MAPS :   

   - Low confidence in the brand      

   - USP and vision not clear

   - KPIs not clear - Work flow/workload issues


  - Used market research to redefined USP and give   

    confidence in uniqueness,      

  - Redesigned KPIs - Redesigned workflow, including

    workflow automation tool


  - Increased revenue/sales person by 12%        

  - Doubled number of new accounts/quarter/sales person

Fashion accessory

manufacturer, with diverse client base

Issue according to leadership: 

- Sales team motivation, Growing team turnover

- Strong reliance on discounts at the expense of the brand value, client dissatisfaction regarding (lack of) pricing strategy/fairness.        

- Large number of returns, gaming

Issue according to MAPS:   

- Overly strong focus on KPI, Gaming issues

- Lack of understanding of the market, resentment against targets felt to be arbitrary


- Redesigned sales process from a simple sale to a consultative process using data to support client merchandising needs.        

- Design and execute training for the new sales process.

- Redefined KPIs


-  Drop in sales force turnover by 20%      

- Increased profitability per sales transaction (+16.4%), as well as revenue.